Progression to Employment
Alternative Angles is part of a wider “Progression to Employment Service” that incorporate both the Social Enterprise and the Supported Employment Model. Social Enterprise is often used by way of an preparation phase for service users to expose them to a work focused environment where a period of intensive support is provided before their progression to open employment settings, with assistance from the Supported Employment part of the service.  The Supported Employment Model involves establishing and maintaining work placements with employers in the open labour market using the “Place-Train-Maintain” approach which focuses initially on securing a work placement in the open labour market. Both the service user and employer are subsequently supported to advance towards establishing a paid employment opportunity, with ongoing monitoring and support from Supported Employment Officers to ensure maintenance of the opportunity. Utilising the EUSE Quality Standards, the service follows the tried and tested 5 stage process that include: Client Engagement, Vocational Profiling, Job Finding, Employer Engagement and On/Off ongoing Support. For each stage robust established ISO 2001: 2008 procedures are in place to support the quality of service provision.

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