The 2009 annual conference of the Northern Ireland Federation of Housing Associations was held in Brighton on 5th & 6th November and once again we were delighted to have the opportunity to create the e-Conference pack for this valued repeat customer.

The e-conference pack provided delegates with an innovative means of accessing a substantial volume of information in a very environmentally friendly manner and also provided an effective delegate badge.  The e-conference pack provided an extremely cost effective solution to making presenters presentations available to delegates who could simply download these from their e-conference pack /badge following the conference.  Other features within this e-conference pack included web links that allowed delegates easy access to the conferences sponsors and exhibitors.  As with all commissions for e-conference packs undertaken we created a personalised information sheet that explained how to use the product and a printed copy of this was provided for each delegate who attended the conference.

Often when developing e-Conference packs receiving all the content in time to allow for inclusion within the product presents a challenge for conference organisers and ourselves alike. Conference contributors often like to work up to and beyond deadlines- even turning up at the conference with their presentation in their pocket on a memory stick.

We have now come up with a solution that allows those materials, not available in time for inclusion directly within the e-conference/ pack, to be hosted within our web site and hyperlinks to this page is included within the e-conference pack.  This ensures that all delegates get access, throught their e-conference pack/ badge, to all out the available content of the conference.


P1 – Heather Cousins

P2 – What Tenants Want – Michelle Kidman

P3 – Sheltered Housing – Eileen Patterson Erosh

P3 – Sheltered Housing – Stuart Hines Mendip

P4 – NIFHA Stakeholder Survey – Maire Kerr



A1 – Declan Allen – Procurement 5 Nov 2009

A2 – Tom Warder – Enabling Rural Hsg

A3 – Nigel Perryman – Bond Presentation

A3 – Nigel Perryman – EIB presentation

A4 – Steve Benson – Community Development

B1 – Jo Holt – Choice Based Lettings Presentation – NI Conference

B2 – Carol Kinkead – What Value Volunteers

B2 – Harry Armstrong – What Value Volunteers

B3 – Paul Ciniglio – A Sustained Approach

B4 – Ryan Gregg – Ventilation Solutions



“The service provided by you and your colleagues is excellent – please pass on our thanks to all the staff team” 

NIFHA Corporate Services Manager

It’s always pleasing to have customers return for repeat business – It hopefully suggests a satisfied customer. Following last years 2008 Annual NIFHA Conference we are delighted to have been commissioned once again to provide e-Conference packs for this year’s conference.