Alternative Angles are delighted to have the opportunity to work with and support the Employers for Childcare Charitable Group and the Real Ideas Organisation as they champion the introduction of Social Enterprise Qualifications within Northern Ireland.

This unique e-conference badge was distributed to delegates attending the launch which took place on 3th October 2012 at the Long Gallery, Parliament Buildings, Stormont, Belfast.

The bespoke e-conference badge provides a post event reference resource which gives access to most of the content of the event and includes case studies of social enterprise initiatives in addition to web and email links to individuals and those involved. Additionally details about how organisations can get involved with and deliver the qualifications within their own social enterprise initiatives and an overview of the qualifications themselves are included.

Each participant received their own individual e-conference card which was personalised with their name and organisation that they represented. As with all conference commissions we produce an event specific information sheet which is typically issued to participants as they check in to the event along with their conference badge and which provides information on how the conference badge works.

Event Speakers

Jonathan Bell MLA ( Junior Minister, OFM/DFM)

Jennifer McCann MLA (Junior Minister, OFM/DFM

Marie Marin (CEO, Employers for Childcare Charitable Group)

Lindsey Hall (Co-Founder, Real Ideas Organisation)

Martin McKenna (Enterprise Education Coordinator, Paignton Community & Sports College)